Spiritually Silly Clothing
from Delightenment.com

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YOUR CHOICE of style and color! Get these designs on any of 90 different shirt styles for Men, Women, Children and Babies. Long-sleeved, short-sleeved, onesies, vintage, sports, and sweatshirts... in cotton (regular or righteously organic), blends, micro-fiber, you name it. Most styles come in many different colors, too. Prices depend on the style you select and start as low as $12.45.

HOW TO ORDER: Click on the saying you want. A new Window will open... then choose the specific shirt, size and color you want.

(when they ask, hold one hand with the palm toward them... then smack them on the head)


Perfect for the Mom-to-be...

...and then once the baby arrives

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Wearing these shirts is 100% guaranteed to:

  • Raise your kundalini 3.73 inches

  • Spin your chakras at 14.8 mph (that's 8.3 degrees Celcius)

  • Increase your IQ by the square root of -1

  • Help you reach enlightenment (*step ladder not included)

  • Speed up your hard drive, lower your mortgage, give you six-pack abs, help you lose up to 200 pounds in 3 hours!

All Amazing Magical Clothing products are guaranteed to have been sanctified, had their vibration raised, been blessed, and otherwise made magical by our two Bengal cats, Lily and Lula.



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